Life Without A Home

on Dec 24, 2015

From rainbows on Iceland to double rainbows on Hawaii, a mere 48 hours later, this scenario is my wonderful life. This is how I am living right now: nowhere. The first question I receive from my CEO, parents and friends when we connect on the phone is along the lines of, "Where are you? What part of the world are you in? Where on planet Earth are you?"

The Secret Crown Jewel of Croatia, Plitvice Lakes National Park

on Feb 16, 2016

I was cold, tired, out of drinking water, both my cameras were failing, and I had the biggest smile of my life on my face. I had just walked over a kilometer in 33 F / 0.5 C degree water and only slightly warmer air temperature. I will never forget that day surrounded by so much overwhelming beauty from cloud cover, lakes, waterfalls and nature. It was one of the best days of my life. There is a backdrop to this story that must be told to understand how I came to experience the hidden wonders of Croatia so intimately.

The Maldives: The Chase for Tropical Paradise

on Jun 5, 2016

It was a full moon the night that I arrived to the island of Vaadhoo. As I took a stroll along the moon lit beaches… the only thought that came to my mind was: this island is alive. Hundreds of crabs of dozens of species scrambled out of my way as I walked. I had never seen such a healthy colony of crabs. The largest hermit crab I have ever seen crossed my path. The reason for choosing the island of Vaadhoo was the beaches were supposed to light up at night not from moonlight but from naturally illuminating water. The beach had not. The locals told me this goes with the cycles of the moon. I would say this was my first disappointment from the Maldives but in reality it was the second. The reasons you choose to go to places is often not the reason you fall in love with them.

Elaine Wolf

on Jan 20, 2017

It has been a year since my Grandmother passed away. She instilled in me a love of travel and the unknown and the bravery to actually do it. I find myself often quoting my grandmother these days. I think of her often when I travel. Today epic travel adventures have become much easier due to technology, the advancement of English skills and other things. In her day? She traveled old school. I remember getting my first travel tips from her like, “bring old stuff you know you want to get rid of and is near the end of its life… at some point during the trip, let go of it.”

The dream of Scuba in Cuba

on May 30, 2017

Since the day President Obama announced new rules on Cuba, I was dreaming of landing in this island before it could change from American Corporate influences. I wanted to see what life was like when the pause button was pressed in many respects for about sixty years.