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“It is the fact that you have to choose what you are going to do with each day that is the beautiful, ironic, tragic and yet I think majestic arithmetic of life. Each day you have is precious.” – Mitch Albom

From rainbows on Iceland to double rainbows on Hawaii, a mere 48 hours later, this scenario is my wonderful life. 

This is how I am living right now: nowhere.Double rainbow in hawaii

The first question I receive from my CEO, parents and friends when we connect on the phone is along the lines of, “Where are you? What part of the world are you in? Where on planet Earth are you?” 

When I started out eight months ago, I did not even have the right word to plug into Google for what I was about to do. All my research was leading me nowhere as no one had useful advice or packing lists. I played with calling myself a wanderer or a nomad. I soon found others were already calling themselves “digital nomads.” This article estimates there are 7 million digital nomads in the world, but the largest collection I have seen anywhere is a Facebook group of 114,040. Wi-Fi is getting easier and easier as is the ability to work location independent. This group is one trend I see growing in the future. I was on new ground having to reinvent the way I lived and the habits I used to get through each day efficiently and productively. I was definitely up to that task; this website will present my best practices. In addition, I intend to write about a great number of topics from pricing, chess and my travel adventures. 

I want to communicate my journey better with close friends, new friends and family. I am so grateful for the many friends I have been able to visit on this journey and many new friends I have been able to make. Also, in an attempt to extend my new nomadic lifestyle, I intend to monetize this website through ads and affiliate links. I will only provide affiliate links to products I have used myself. Please do me a solid and any product you are going to buy because of my recommendation... please use my affiliate link. When I started traveling nomadically, there were many websites dedicated to traveling but almost no one focused on the finer points of their best practices, habits and gear. This lack of content in this space meant I had to completely design my own setup which I wish to share. A great example of such gear that I carry is the brightech scorpion which I recently used during my visit in South Africa to jumpstart my friend’s car. This website is not intended to be a blog though it will contain many stories. I already have my own personal travel journal I write in daily for my own “blogging” purposes. 

I think deep down life is about fun. Traveling is fun because I am always unearthing a new stone of some sort (culture and different points of view). The newness of a fresh place is rejuvenating. The main reason I travel though is that I can wake in the morning and know I chose to be there; for whatever reason or experience. The draw of one place can be quite different from another - exquisite though each experience is. I would not trade these past eight months for anything in the world.

Footnote: Many details including names may be changed to protect mine or another person’s privacy. I have held off on doing this website for so long is because of privacy. This website is not a blog. Its primary function is not a journal. I have a journal for that.