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The Newly Designed Escher Airport has won a Design Excellence Award since no one can figure out the entrance and exit points. The airport today was just opened in Milwaukee as no one would want to travel there anyways. The airport’s sleek design makes a nice architectural addition to the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Dutch Politician Geert Wilders was quoted as saying, “The Americans had no right. This airport rightfully belongs in the Netherlands where Escher would have wanted it.”

The Chief Architect at Simple & Artless, who designed the work said, “we modeled for efficiency with this design. With Escher airport, no one gets in and no one gets out.”

One TSA Officer quipped on his way to work, “well I get paid to spend all day figuring out how to get work!”

The janitor remarked that he was finally being paid correctly for the work he was doing.

One passenger was elated, “My bags can no longer be lost!”

Vladimir Putin has ordered his Russian scientists to accelerate plans for teleportation in order to render the US Airport obsolete as quick as possible.

Matt Groening has provided the city of Milwaukee with a pre-film contract for a new Futurama movie special featuring the airport called “I, Fly: Nowhere.”

Denver citizens upset that they no longer have the worst airport in the US. “We thought for sure our bottle neck and make everyone wait for a day approach was the way to build an airport. We never thought about just not letting them get inside.”

India, known for its terrible airport conditions, is worried it may have to step up its game. Narendra Modi has promised to open two similar Escher airports before the end of the year.

Dubai promised to build a larger version of Escher airport right next to the Disney land copy they never finished.

Chinese hackers allegedly already stole the design. However, they cannot figure out how to read the blue prints. China went ahead and hired the architecture firm Simple & Artless to explain what they had stolen.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) says it never received a call to examine the Escher airport as no flights were ever intended to go in or out of the place. The FAA says it would have created a special license loophole for Escher Airport just like they do for Midway Airport.

Starbucks reported that the Escher Airport coffee shop outside exceeds all expectations as customers make multiple returns per hour when they get exhausted from attempts to find their gate. Starbucks is reportedly in talks with China, India and Dubai to help them build similar airports in exchange for exclusivity around food and beverage sales.